Superior Funnel Design & Simulation.

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With It That Counts.)

Modern Funnels. Modern Tools.

No More Squeaky Marker Pens

Drawing funnels out on paper had its day – that day was in 1908. The Model T Ford was good in 1908 too, it had a top speed of 42mph and 2 gears; slow and stopped.  Today, I’d rather have a Tesla.

Whiteboards aren’t much better, as you’ll know if you’ve ever had to wipe aways hours of work just because you forgot the upsell in the middle of your diagram.

Simulatri lets you plan even the most complex funnels in minutes. There’s no mess, no confusion, no squeaky marker pens, and you’ll never lose your work because you can simply rearrange your funnel at will. 

Seamless Funnel Simulation.

Goodbye Maths. Hello Results.

If you’ve ever rage quit your Excel spreadsheet because the [[SUMZ:DON’T=WORK!]] you know the nitty-gritty details of tracking and forecasting funnel’s performance is where the real work begins.

Here’s a pro tip: If you ever need to make a spreadsheet account for a prospect going onto an autoresponder AND the next page of your funnel, but without duplicating them in your retargeting audience - don’t.

Just add your prices, costs and conversions at each stage of your funnel and Simulatri will run the numbers and display your results at the push of a button.

No maths required.

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Opt-in, Sales, Upsell, Downsell, Thank You, Replay, Registration, Content, Application, Cart, Delivery - if the page goes in your funnel, it goes in Simulatri.

11 Different Page Types

Easily draw connections between all your funnel elements with a simple drag-and-drop, that’s almost infinitely re-arrangeable.

Drag-and-drop Connections

A funnel’s more than its pages.  Include webinars, autoresponders and traffic sources to design the whole flow, soup to nuts.

Full-Spectrum of Funnel Elements

Send your prospects to your upsell AND stick them on an autoresponder at the same time for a second bite at the cherry.  Just try modelling that in Excel.

Track Splitting

Modern funnels aren’t single track.  Send prospects to different upsells depending on what they bought and maximise your profits.

Multiple Paths

You’ll thank us later.

Undo and Redo

Showcase designs directly with your subscribers, clients and business partners with copy/paste simplicity.

Share Designs

Got a no-thanks link, or maybe you’re putting all non-buyers into a custom audience?  With negative actions you can set what happens to all the people who didn’t convert… yet.

Negative Actions

Control your traffic sources, set conversion rates, and create logical connections between each element in your funnel for a detailed overview of your sales flow. 

Model Ideal Outcomes

If you want to see what happens if more prospects pass through specific parts of your funnel you can add a conversion boost. That way you can see a presell work its magic, or watch as a downsell transforms the entire back half of your funnel. 

Boost Conversion Rates

Enter your expected cost-per-click and let Simulatri work out what your traffic bill will be, and if you’ll make money on it.

Calculate Traffic Costs

One-time, subscription, trials, payment plans – Simulatri can cope with any payment scheme and term to give an accurate picture of your revenue. 

Detailed Product Modelling

Set commission by traffic source to differentiate between your own clicks and ones sent by affiliates.

Adjust Commission Rates

No messing around with formulae.  You enter the base numbers, Simulatri tells you how many sales and how much profit you make.  Job done.

Automatic Calculations

Discover your projected profit over the next 30 to 180 days, and get data-rich feedback for eradicating weak points and strengthening your most profitable offers.

Push Button. See Future.

At any point in your funnel design, click the button to see your 30-day profit and loss.

Instant 30-Day Simulations

Collect stats on expected revenue, profit, leads and more.  If your funnel is the map, this is the territory.

Detailed Projections Dashboard

Choose projection times between 14 and 180 days to see how your funnel will be performing long into the future.

Adjust Timelines

See how you can expect each traffic type to perform, so you know where to stack your chips and where to cut and run.

Traffic Breakdown

Project your average click value for both overall and individual traffic sources… because average click values aren’t for average marketers.

All-Important Averages

See at a glance how every product in your funnel is performing.  Not sure if that extra upsell is worth it?  This is how you find out BEFORE you make it.

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