Pitch Perfect.

Closing Clients Never 

Sounded So Sweet.

Win More Clients Today.

Hard Sell. What Hard Sell?

From efficiently designed funnels, to data rich funnel simulations, to perfectly presented pitch documents, Simulatri helps you win more clients.

That means no more messy funnel sketches or infuriating spreadsheets, and no need to painstakingly transfer all your funnel data to a multi-page pitch document for each individual client.

Simulatri does it all.

Professional First Impression

Keep your business and your proposal top of mind, with a clean and direct cover page displaying your branding and your clients details.

Ready To Sell More Funnels? Try Simulatri Today

Simulatri’s pitch generator gives you a professional way of packaging up your funnel design to win more clients. With no expensive design fees, no messing around with spreadsheets, powerpoints, or pdf templates, and no need to wait, Simulatri allows you to strike while the iron is hot.


& Challenges

Layout the problems, issues and potential bottlenecks on the next page to demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges your client is facing.


& Opportunities

Propose your solutions to each problem your prospective client is facing, and get them thinking about the opportunities they can gain by accepting your proposal.

The Funnel Plan

Bring life to your solutions and get your prospect excited by the road ahead by showing them precisely what their funnel will look like with a complete funnel overview.

Key Points

Simplify the funnel project into its key points to help your prospective client make a confident, informed decision about working with you.

Funnel Projections

Prove your funnel expertise by showing your prospective client how the funnel is forecast to perform over select time frames.

Next Steps

Now you’ve given a prospect everything they need to make an informed decision. All that’s left to do is walk them through what they do next to hire you.

Why Meet Expectations

When You Can Exceed Them

A smooth and flexible virtual canvas allows you to design and re-design complex funnels with ease, without ruining or redoing the entire funnel every time you get that URGENT!  3am email from a client on the other-side of the world.

Having a funnel template for every occasion lets you serve more clients in more niches with less mental overhead, and even enables you to mock up funnels in real time to show prospective clients the type of funnel you can build and the types of results you can help them achieve.

Simulatri’s smart proposal generator ensures only the data you want included, gets included. While smart typography and layout push all the right buttons to make your prospects see you as the kind of provider they should be paying thousands to.

Increase your value to your clients by showing them what their funnel could achieve in both the short and long term with 14-180 day projections. And increase your prices while you’re at it.

Demonstrate your expertise to clients by using Simulatri’s advanced funnel simulation to break down even the most advanced funnel into its raw numbers. Show them precisely how they get from A-Z and you’ll inspire confidence in you, and your plan, and you won’t need a degree in statistical analysis to do it.

Instant PDFs

Smart Proposals

Custom Text

Smart Layout

Personal Branding

Stunning Design

One Seamless Process

From Funnel Design To Pitch.

Once your funnel is designed, and your key traffic and conversion data is added, generating your pitch document is easy.

Click generate proposal from your projections screen to open Simulatri’s smart proposal generator and add your logo and any custom business details for yourself and your client.

The next step is to add custom text to each area indicated. Detail the problems you see, outline your proposed solutions, highlight key points for your client to consider, and give them clear guidance on their next steps should they choose to work with you. 

The final step is clicking the button that says “Generate PDF.’ Once you press that, Simualtri will pull in the funnel plan and relevant projections from your funnel design, layout everything in a simple, high quality design, and render a PDF for you to download and print or email to your prospective client.

Customize. Personalize. Mesmerize.

We want the funnels, simulations and proposals you create with Simulatri to make persuading prospects to become clients as easy as saying ‘look at this!’

We want you to be able exceed client expectations with glorious data rich reports, customizable to your brand and your clients’ business.

And we want you to be able to do it fast, without waiting for designers, without crunching numbers, without any friction between you and your next client.

We’re confident we’ve achieved all of that and more with Simulatri.  But as we hope you tell your many many clients to come after sending them a winning proposal that you’ve created in Simulatri - seeing is believing

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