Plan & Pitch Your Next Client’s Dream Funnel, Today.

Simple Funnel Design, Advanced Traffic Simulation & Custom Client Proposals In The Push Of A Button. 

If you only had to design a funnel for prospects to see how valuable it can be to their business, life would be a breeze.

Unfortunately, you also need to convince them that your funnel is the one they want to buy, which is why the Simulatri Pitch Generator exists.

Simply design your funnel and press a button for a custom client proposal, complete with funnel overview, traffic modeling, detailed revenue analysis, and everything else your prospect needs to see to choose you for their next funnel build.

Like we said, it’s more than just a funnel designer. 

A Funnel Designer.

But More.

Build More. Pitch More. Sell More.

Build More. Pitch More. Sell More.

Choose from 9 industry proven funnel designs and show prospective clients the exact kind of funnel to best suit their niche and specific business goals. 

Designing The Dream Funnel.

It’s Never Been So Smooth.

The moment you use Simulatri to design a funnel, you’ll see why ‘smooth’ is the only possible word to describe the process. Even with 11 different page types, and a huge array of functions to choose from, you’re still able to plan complex funnels in minutes. You simply add your desired element to Simulatri’s virtual canvas to create a crystal clear picture of your funnel; pages, products, webinars, traffic sources, autoresponders. If it’s in your funnel, it’s on your canvas in the blink of an eye.

Model What Matters.

Profit. Revenue. Conversion.

Any business that doesn’t know its numbers won’t be a business for long. That’s why running the numbers for your prospective client’s funnel is one of the most valuable services you can offer.

With Simulatri you can calculate traffic costs, adjust conversion rates, model different products and payment scenarios and much more, all while designing the funnel.

It means you can show your prospects what their funnel can and can’t do, and it’s a surefire way to set yourself above your competition, and secure new business. 

Every Business Needs A Funnel.

Here’s How To Get Them To Buy Yours.

If selling funnels is a competitive business, then Simulatri is your competitive advantage.

That’s because it’s more than just a funnel designer. It also produces stunning funnel proposals in a single click, but as with any professional proposal the devil is in the details.

So the Simulatri Pitch Generator pulls in your entire funnel plan, along with any traffic, conversion and revenue analysis into an impressively detailed, full-colour PDF proposal.

Each proposal can be branded to your business, manually edited to meet any specific business, funnel or pricing requirements, and then either printed out or sent via email to convince your prospects to become your clients.

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